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How we helped boost online lead generation for a legacy brand.


Tripplex, a renowned name in the interior design materials industry, was faced with a stalled website redesign and migration project. Growzilla Agency was brought onboard to salvage the situation and equip the Tripplex marketing team with a revamped, efficient, and user-friendly website.

The challenge was twofold - to rescue the stalled website redesign project and to transform Tripplex's traditionally offline product offerings into an intuitive online shopping experience. Additionally, the marketing team needed a solution that allowed them the independence to maintain and update their content without depending on their tech team.

We first conducted comprehensive content audits and inventories to understand the state of the existing website and its contents. This process was crucial to ensure a seamless migration of all existing content.

We created a detailed migration plan based on our audits. We redesigned pages that were not functioning optimally and rebuilt the entire website on Webflow, a no-code development platform.

In addition to the redesign and migration, we facilitated an eCommerce-like shopping experience for products traditionally sold offline. This innovative step broadened Tripplex's sales channels, offering customers a convenient way to explore and purchase their products.

We developed a style guide and design system and transferred it to the Tripplex marketing team. This guide enabled them to make independent changes to their website, promoting agility, and efficiency in their operations.

Our optimized redesign and smooth migration led to a noticeable increase in sales-qualified leads for Tripplex. The marketing team gained the ability to make timely and independent changes to their website, further enhancing their efficiency.

Growzilla's effective problem-solving, design expertise, and strategic planning turned around a stalled project, leading to an optimized website for Tripplex. Our approach demonstrates that with the right tools and guidance, a marketing team can effectively manage and optimize their website, leading to improved lead generation and greater agility.


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